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Entrusting the implementation of Employee Capital Plans to an experienced broker.

We offer to our clients a comprehensive implementation of an Employee Capital Plan, tailored to the individual needs of each company.

How the Employee Capital Plan works:

Employee2% of gross remuneration
+ voluntary additional 2% of gross remuneration
Employer1.5% of gross remuneration
+ voluntary additional 2.5% of gross remuneration
GovernmentPLN 250 welcome payment
+ PLN 240 annual surcharge
Capital Plans
Source: based on published projections
of the Polish Development Fund


If you are 30 years old
and you earn PLN 4,000gross monthly
by investing minimum contributions, you will accumulatePLN 140,764over 30 years
After reaching the age of 60 you can withdraw 25%(PLN 35,191)
You will then receive PLN 1007for the next 120 months
Assumed annual rate of return on investment during the saving period: 3.5%
Assumed annual rate of return during the payout period: 2.75%
Estimated annual salary increase: 2.8%
Calculations based on the Employee Capital Plans Calculator available at www.mojeppk.pl

Principles of Employee Capital Plan operations

All persons employed by a given employer for whom specific pension contributions are paid to ZUS can join the Employee Capital Plan program. Regardless of the number of employees, each employer is required to implement the Employee Capital Plans contract.

Age for joining Employee Capital Plans

Employee’s age
Registration for Employee Capital Plans
from 18 to 54 years old
from 55 to 69 years old
t the employee’s sole request, if the condition of a minimum 3-month employment with a given employer is met, within the last 12 months

The funds accumulated in Employee Capital Plans will be invested in funds managed by selected financial institution.

The employer is obliged to consult employees regarding the choice of the financial institution that runs the Employee Capital Plan for a given company.

After the employee joins the Employee Capital Plan, all formalities are taken over by the employer.

Payments financed by the employer as income are taxable. The employer is obliged to deduct tax on your remuneration.

In the event of a change of employer, the employee may leave the funds in the current account or transfer them to the account set up by the new employer.

You can opt out of the Employee Capital Plan at any time.

Employee Capital Plans starting schedule

For companies employing over 250 employees, the Employee Capital Plans program starts on July 1, 2019.

Smaller companies will be able to join it according to the schedule below.

Large companies

at least 250employees

Large and medium companies

at least 50employees

Medium companies

at least 20employees

Small businesses

at least1employee
and the public finance sector


Benefits of the Employee Capital Plans

You can start withdrawing your savings for your future retirement after you reach the age of 60.

In exceptional cases, you can withdraw your funds in advance:

  • up to 25% of funds – serious illness of a participant or their relatives
  • up to 100% of funds – covering own contribution when taking a loan to buy an apartment or to build a house.

Accumulated funds are subject to inheritance and are exempt from inheritance tax.

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